About the region

It is said that Europe is the old world, America the new world and Asia (Pacific) the future world. One of the most fascinating regions in the world with fantastic study destinations providing jobs and business opportunities after years of study. Let us help you make a wise choice here.

Institutions you can contact us for admission:

  • National University of Singapore (Singapore)
  • University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
  • University of Tokyo (Japan)
  • University of Malaysia (Malaysia)
  • Indian Institute of Science, Bongalore (India)
  • Mahiul University (Thailand)
  • Penking University (China)
  • Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (North Korea)
  • Seoul National University (South Korea)
  • Yonsei University (South Korea)
  • Diponegoro University (Indonesia)
  • Tamkang University (Taiwan)
  • Kyoto University (Japan)
  • University of Tsukuba (Japan)
  • Rizal Technological University (Philippines)
  • Teneo de Manila University (Philippines)
  • And many more....

Tuition fee range:

Tuition fees range from US$1500 - US$5000 per year depending on the country, course of study or school